Saturday, January 16, 2010

An Interview W Richard Andrew Grove, An AIG Insider

Video uploaded Sept. 23, 2008: An interview w Richard Andrew Grove, an AIG insid Video

Text with video:
Summary of points made:
History of AIG
China 1919 origins (which follow up through the Bush family in the 70s and Greenberg and Bush in 1992, where Hank accompanied George Sr.)
Partnership with Wild Bill Donovan and Frank Wisner OSS/CIA
Drug Smuggling (Peter Dale Scott)
Fraud (AIG/Marsh insurance fraud and Spitzer investigation)

Hank Greenberg ousted from AIG
Frank G. Wisner Jr. (son of CIA cofounder) on both AIG and Kroll boards of directors.

9/11 (taking the history and applying it to AIG involvement with Kroll, Wisner Jr., CFR/Fed Reserve)

Pete Peterson (Blackstone/CFR/Fed Res) also involved in financing of wtc.

Robt. David Steels comments on WTC disaster (hes ex-CIA but affirms 9-11 was done as insurance fraud)

Crash of AIG and bailout by Fed Reserve, Greenberg steering to re-take control, using Fed Res as a proxy.

Other subjects covered
Nature of insurance (protection money)
Elliot Spitzers connection to AIG via Michael Cherkasky, President and CEO of Kroll Inc
Robert M. Morgenthau of the French Connection
Skadden Arps
Iran Contra
Paul Bremer
[source of above]

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