Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jesse James' new Squeeze, Michelle McGee

Michelle McGee with Nazi Swastika armband and hat.


I really don't care to know what star is sleeping with which star. I like Sandra Bullock movies, or at least most of them. I don't think of a star's sex life as news. It shouldn't be on any "News Network" program, the tabloids and "Entertainment Tonight", type shows are plenty good for that ilk. The 24/7 coverage of Tiger Woods' dalliances shouldn't be reported as news. The war in Afghanistan and Iraq is news. The perpetrators in the banking scandals is news. Not reporting such stories, front and center, on news networks is a complete disservice to all citizens.

People should pay attention to the scumbag Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd bankster enabling scandal:

[click here] for:

Elin, Debby, Freedom, Justice, and the USA


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