Friday, March 26, 2010

Palin & Fed Hate Baiting

Sarah Palin look alike [found here]

Young Sarah Palin beauty contestant photo [found here]

Hal Turner "Mr. Hate". Steven G. Erickson video about Mr. Turner [found here on title FBI Sponsored Racist Radio]

Photoshop of Jerry Springer [found here]

Text that I plan to load on a liveleak video:
Palin & Fed Hate Baiting

I really don’t know a heck of a whole lot about the Tea Party movement. I do know that many Republicans, Democrats, and Independents have some very core issues in common, including feeling like there is no representation for our taxation. There is probably no better person than Sarah Palin to label the whole movement as a “Wingnut Fringe”. If I were a Liberal Democrat anything goes espionage think tank operative, I’d pay Palin covertly pay her to do exactly what she is doing.

Palin has become the Jerry Springer stepchild of the Republicans. The Feds have paid hate mongers to polarize the public as much as is possible. Hal Turner is a good example. If you look into it, Palin is walking the edge of the cliff, pretty close to where Hal Turner left off, with much more sugar and stealth, avoiding using the word “Nigger” and “Spic” and other inflammatory labels of hate, Hal Turner is famous for.

The danger to the powers that be is for average people pissed off about the banksters on Wall St., scumbag politicians taking bribes from them like Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd, and how elected officials do all they can to not serve the best interest of the public, is for people from all sides to have a real Tea Party. For real change, we all need to see there needs to be change. We need more referendums for direct votes of the people. Grand Juries need to be manned by average people for short terms as judges are phased out. Grand juries need to be replaced by corrupt judges who rule like monarchs. That would be the biggest first step to having representation for our taxation. Time to get busy offline.

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