Monday, March 22, 2010

War Protest "Sit-In"

Ron Kovic at Anti-War Protest Los Angeles March 20, 2010

VideoVets: Ron Kovic Interview

Text with video:
See more at
VideoVets Interview with Ron Kovic
Produced by Laura Dawn for, Michael Mailer for Michael Mailer Films
Edited by Laura Dawn & Dave Ambrose
Shot by Dave Ambrose & John Buffalo Mailer
Music composed by Daron Murphy of


See Tom Cruise in 10 min clip:

Text with video:
Born on the Fourth of July is a 1989 film adaptation of the best selling autobiography of the same name by Vietnam War veteran Ron Kovic. Tom Cruise plays Kovic, in a performance that earned him his first Academy Award nomination. Oliver Stone (himself a Vietnam veteran) co-wrote the screenplay with Kovic, and also produced and directed the film. Stone wanted to film the movie in Vietnam, but because relations between the United States and Vietnam had not normalized yet and filmed in the Philippines.

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What is war really about? What is the current round of domestic spying in the US about? Answer:

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The History of PNAC, "Project of a new American Century"


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