Sunday, April 11, 2010

Police State "No Parental Rights"

POLICE STATE: Government taking newborn DNA samples without permission

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Is the state run by illegal drug running pedophiles?:

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POLICE STATE - Cops Arrest 12-Year-Old Girl For Writing "I Love My Friends" On School Desk

"Clean up the cake you Nappy Head"

Is there racism and is illegal to document police misconduct and brutality on video?

POLICE STATE - Girl Assaulted & Arrested For Dropping A Piece Of Birthday Cake At School

In the State of Connecticut, if a 13 year old girl passes a note to another girl, should a 6'5" Homeland Security thug terrorize, harass, threaten, and accuse her of being a lesbian?

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Gay Republican Child Prostitution Ring?

Text with video:
MrSlappyCard April 11, 2010more info:

Do you remember the "Boys Town" scandal with young boys being sexually assaulted, raped, and drugged up with heroin and cocaine? Do you remember that Catholic Church Scandal? What does that have to do with the former CIA director William Colby dying under mysterious circumstances after trying to blow the whistle on CIA and FBI misconduct? What does that have to do with George H. W. Bush taking over the CIA? Check link above.

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