Friday, June 25, 2010

Police Harassing Videographers and Journalists?

From the Kennysideshow blog:

G20 Police State Toronto

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you?

Police get new powers for G20
Legislation gives police right to search anyone within five metres of security fence

They've been written into a special piece of legislation called the Public Works Protection Act. Ontario's cabinet quietly passed the new rules on June 2 without legislature debate.

The new powers work on the streets and sidewalks in and around the security fence.

Under the laws, anyone who comes within five metres of the security area is obliged to give police their name and state the purpose of their visit.

Police, at their discretion, can deny access to the area and "use whatever force is necessary" to keep people out.

'Fortress Toronto' set for G20 - video

Toronto turned into fortress for G8, G20 summits - video

Toronto Police Get PWND By G20 Protester - video

Man With Car Packed With Camping Equipment Arrested As G20 Security Threat! - video

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This blogger. Steven G. Erickson, was threatened by police union assassin/thugs for having proposed civilian oversight of police and judicial reform in the State of Connecticut. I was then railroaded to prison, losing everything, and becoming estranged from most of my family. Links to that and more [found here]

and here:
Steven G. Erickson links:

Steven G. Erickson photo above. Picture is taken just after moving to Connecticut [that story]

This blogger's email:

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US Police State abuse of the world has been global too long:

we come in peace


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