Monday, July 05, 2010

Making my brain leak out my ear?

I resisted a long time to even consider 9-11 being an inside job. I resisted a long time to even consider viewing an Alex Jones video. The below videos, if widely distributed, might give the viewers the idea that Alex Jones is really a whacked out conspiracy theorist. To have a reptilian alien race running the elite Illuminati for a New World Order sounds like someone spent too much time taking illegal drugs, or spent time in a padded room wearing a straight jacket for their particular mental illness. I do, however, try to keep an open mind. The universe is a really big place with no end, limitless size, with infinity for possibilities. But, to include alien theories with a world take-over conspiracy theory, it might just make one's brain leak out one's ear ...

Alex Jones, David Icke and the Reptilians - 1/2

Text with video:
FloydAnderson | December 23, 2008

The relationship between Alex Jones and David Icke seems to have improved over the years.
I keep wondering what's up with those damn reptilians. Are they interdimensional entities? Do they possess humans?

I have a lot of respect for David Icke, neverknwo, Freeman, and Dr. Bill Deagle, all of whom are pursuing the notion of reptilians. I find it fascinating and entirely possible that reptilians are involved in this NWO why turn away from it?

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