Monday, August 09, 2010

Arrested for using face to beat Police Officer's Billy Club?

I can imagine how the below citizens would have been greeted if they hadn't been armed with video cameras. I found the below: [here]

Cop Tries to Intimidate CopBlock’s Adam Mueller

Posted on 09 August 2010 by Paula Parmeley Carter (8)

From Liberty on Tour:

Edgewater Police Officers Intimidates LOT’s Mueller for Filming

by Pete Eyre on 09. Aug, 2010 in Activism

EDGEWATER, NJ – Since it’s close to impossible to park MARV in Manhattan we’ve spent some time just across the Hudson in Edgewater, NJ working from a shopping center that includes a 24hr Starbucks – the first we’ve seen. Unlike other ‘bucks we’ve worked from, the rush isn’t in the morning from commuters on their way to work but late at night when there are literally hundreds hanging out and riding around on their motorcycles and suped-up cars. Unsurprisingly, such a crowd tends to attract the police.

The footage below – captured last Thursday – shows the tactics utilized by officer #33 of the Edgewater Police Department to build rapport with the community.

Is this the type of behavior that a business subjected to market signals would employ? I’d bet not – if they did they’d go under. Check out Bruce Benson’s The Enterprise of Law for more on this, which would make the provision of “law” enforcement more accountable and more efficient.

License, registration, and proof of insurance? Since when is that needed to stand in a parking lot and film a public official? If one of us mundanes had approached an officer in such an aggression manner, we would be beat down and arrested. Why does a shiny piece of metal on his chest give this man the right to treat peaceful people in such a threatening manner? I guess we have to take the officers apology at face value, but I have my doubts about whether he was sorry about his behavior. He may just be sorry that his behavior was going to be on YouTube for the world to see.

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