Saturday, November 06, 2010

Police Punishing Low Wage Workers for Working?

Photo [found here]

Would civilian control, and oversight, of police and the courts improve America, the economy, and relieve a lot of the collective stress of the entire country?

Police Departments are also hit by a budget crunch. Less people are driving, going out, and if less people have jobs, less people are commuting. Should police be waiting outside factories and plants to prey on workers for what little cash, low wage workers might have?

When police target a group, it is punishing them. Second shift workers are probably the most targeted. They get out after 11 PM or past 2 AM, there is little other traffic, and police can pull cars leaving the factory, or plant, for going couple of miles over the speed limit, for a taillight out, or for "suspicious activity".

If there are unsolved break-ins, murders, assaults, rapes, and other crimes in a community, why are police punishing low wage workers for leaving work? Some workers are so stressed out, maybe they would rather stay home, and collect unemployment or a government check.

Just one ticket can cost hundreds in fines and insurance charges, if not more. The worker might just be taken off the road and be out of a job because of the police crackdown on their alarming behavior of being a low wage worker commuting to, and from work.

Just another example of the American government policy, from Town Hall to Washington, DC, punish good behavior, reward bad, make profit sinking America.



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