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100 Nights Homeless Shelter, Keene, NH

Millie (Dearborn?), Age 74, Homeless in Keene New Hampshire

Millie's Tarp Home

100 Nights Homeless Shelter, Living and Sleeping Area Bunks

Homeless Child Poster

Unrelated picture of Opossums. Millie is known to have a specific opossum come and sleep on her while she lays under her tarp sleeping and/or laying down wrapped up to keep warm.

100 Nights Homeless Shelter relies on private donations and five to seven area religious institution and churches out of about 85 in the area. The two homeless shelters run by the city of Keene allegedly don’t have sprinkler systems if there is a fire. 100 Nights will be closed down unless sprinkler systems are installed by mid December.

Citizens can be turned away from the shelter run by the city if they can’t confirm residency or if they are from Troy, New Hampshire, or other communities that don’t reimburse shelters for citizens from their towns coming to the Keene shelters. Citizens going to the Keene Shelters may have to sign away their rights, their social security or unemployment checks, and may have to sign paperwork saying they are mentally ill and give up their rights to make their own decisions.

If a person has been drinking, or appears to be under the influence, 100 Nights will still allow citizens inside, out of the cold. Keene City Police Officers will often drop off obviously homeless who are under the influence at 100 Nights.

The State College, the University of Keene, causes rents to be high all over Keene. Some of the houses near the college charge by the student, not by the room, or area, further upping area rents. Some families and those who work in the Keene area are using the shelter because they are unable to afford rents in the area.

Is the City of Keene a typical local government trying to discourage the poorer, and especially the homeless, from living in the area with their policies, overt and covert?

100 Nights Homeless Shelter's webpage:

Their email: covers the story, "City Aggressors Continue Attack Against Homeless" [click here]

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A video shot by Steven G. Erickson, December 2009, on the Homeless behind Hanaford's Supermarket, Keene, New Hampshire, "Homeless Tent City":

Homeless Camp, Keene NH

Text with video:
SvenVonErick | December 13, 2009

There is a homeless camp in Keene, New Hampshire called "In-tent-city". I saw only one tent, but there is a shelter made out of trees sawed with chainsaws, donated wafer board plywood, scrap aluminum, and other materials. These people have nowhere to go as the homeless shelters are full.

There is insulation used, there is some wiring, a generator used for a couple hours a day, two wood stoves, and mattresses across a dirt floor.

The city is trying to evict them, and the camp made the front page of the local newspaper. A politician owns the land and commercial building used by Hannaford's Supermarket.

The building inspector, health inspector, and other authorities want the homeless people out of the heated shelter and into tents where these people could freeze, get wet, lose fingers, toes, endanger their lives, and/or actually die.

The crooks pulling the puppet strings of our US leaders have ripped the average people off to a point of their having to live in the woods. I call these camps in the US, "Obie Homeless Camps" after Barack Obama.

This is why there are no checks and balances in the US and this is why the dollar is going to completely fail:

Free Keene videos, embedded here:

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No requirement for police to "Protect and Serve"

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