Saturday, October 02, 2010

Proof of US Censored News

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RTAmerica | October 01, 2010

As an attempted coup d'etat takes place in Ecuador, the US mainstream media prefers to cover the Naked Cowboy and Justin Beiber's haircut. Why is real news ignored? RT's Anastasia Churkina reports.

Fox News and Co. ignore Ecuador chaos, anarchy

CIA behind failed Ecuador coup?

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RTAmerica | October 01, 2010

In the latest of Latin American coup attempts, thousands of national police took to the streets yesterday in a failed attempt to overthrow Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa over a new law they felt jeopardized their benefits. RT contributor Wayne Madsen argued that the US, via the CIA and other agencies, is behind the coups in Latin America and that it is visible through the continually used CIA playbook. Madsen said that in Latin America gunboat diplomacy simply will not work and that the people of Latin America have wised up to what is going on.

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