Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bombing, US Troops coming to a US Home near you?

More and more US Troops are being stationed for "Internal Security". With no checks and balances left in place, will citizens in their US homes be targets of bombs and other weapons of war? Check out the video below.

U.S. Army Paratroopers Call In A-10 Gun Run In Korengal Valley

U.S. Army Paratroopers from 2nd Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry Regiment, "The Rock", 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, call in an A-10 Warthog to engage Insurgent position with 30mm gatling gun in Korengal valley, Afghanistan.

Additional info : "The distance was no more than 500 meters and this is after we had just gotten attacked from multiple positions, this being only one of them, More.. and in a village we visited frequently and were shot at on the way in and on the way out just about every fucking time and in a place where we took contact on a daily basis, some from far some from close."

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