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7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction p1

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77Archive | August 03, 2010

7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction part 1. Introduction. Full length version available here:
and here:
and here:

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James Corbett Report podcasts can be found here:


This blogger's submission of a "Liberty Summit" to be held in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico as a subject to be included in a James Corbett podcast #150:

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James Corbett Podcast #148

Episode #148 - Media Kills
Date/Duration: 2010/09/26 / 52:10
Description: For decades, scientifically-crafted techniques have been employed to shape our ideas and perceptions. Today billions of dollars are spent each year trying to get you to think, act, talk and dress in proscribed ways...and it is as successful as ever. This week on The Corbett Report we try to break out of the box by exposing the government/PR/media nexus for what it is.

[Download MP3 - Documentation]

James Corbett Podcast #147

Episode #147 - 7/7 Seeds of Deconstruction
Date/Duration: 2010/09/22 / 2:29:54
Description: In this special bonus edition of The Corbett Report podcast we present the audio of the newly-released 7/7 documentary from Tom Secker, 7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction. This documentary presents a wide-ranging analysis of staged government terror events before exhaustively detailing the contradictions, omissions and errors in the official story of the July 7th, 2005 bombings in London.

[Download MP3 - Documentation]

Corbett Report Podcast #146

Episode #146 - Lessons in Resistance: Building Communities
Date/Duration: 2010/09/19 / 1:00:00
Description: People are isolated from each other, public spaces are being privatized, and we are being punished for attempting to grow our own food. There is only one solution: resistance. Join us this week as we explore how to build communities through revolutionary gardening, revolutionary walking and other everyday activities.

[Download MP3 - Documentation]

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Stark Raving Viking blog post on James Corbett, June 20, 2010:

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Alex Jones and The New World Order




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