Saturday, September 11, 2010

My personal thoughts on 9-11 writer Kevin Gosztola wrote a piece called, "9/11 Burdens America, We Must Reassess How It Defines This Country," and the below is my comment posted within the Gosztola article [found here]

Responses to 9-11, written before the event

It is amazing the planning that went on before 9-11 that had not a prayer of being before the event. Iraq and Afghanistan wars were pre-planned. They were on the wish list. If the events weren't orchestrated by the US and other intelligence, it was allowed to happen, to further the agenda.

Were Americans lied into every major war except Iraq and Afghanistan? Did American government liars for the first time in their history tell the truth on this one? You don't know how truly bad the US system is until you test it. There is really almost no representation for our taxation. The corporations in power fixed that. Americans would be safer if the US Government wasn't bombing and killing to reduce populations of brown and non-whites while stealing all of value in the process. Trillions of US tax dollars can't even be accounted for. When a criminal organization steals the last dollars from victims, the victims are terrorized and killed to keep them quiet.

If the US Government conducts itself like a Mafia, it is organized crime. If investigations and courts are rigged, there is no recourse through the "system". It is as crazy as asking police officers to investigate themselves. That doesn't work out well for citizens when every aspect of their lives are torched out of existence for daring to speak up. The government is no different. For some on the list, are just waiting for their turn.

Steven G. Erickson

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I expand on the above theme vastly here:

The bankster criminals have been up to the same old crap, even pre-Hitler. Check out the link above.



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