Saturday, September 04, 2010

Shitty Mustard

I like hot and spicy food. For me, spicy has nothing to due with sweet. Please keep your sugar out of my spicy food.

I put a "Hot Spicy Mustard" on my holiday hot dog and was disappointed. Wasting part of a tree, and a stamp, writing the company would only result in my letter being shredded and filed.

Nance's Hot Mustard made by the Baldwin Richardson Food Company sucks. Their boast of, "A Tradition of Quality Since 1925. Nothing jazzes up appetizers, sandwiches and salads like Nance's gourmet condiments!" is just plain crap. So, figuring some investor, or executive of the company may do a word search on their own crappy company putting out shitty products, here you go.

Click play on the very short video below.

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