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Police and Prostitutes Etc.

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Classic Combination: Prostitution, Police, Gambling, Bootlegging, Beatings, & Murder

Since the days of the saloon, where the bar owner could be the town's judge, sheriff, and town council in one man, police and the courts have been the providers of vice, and the punishers of those who have vices. There might be only one tool left for populations to partially keep the now global corporate organized crime syndicate government from doing as much thieving, beating, raping, and killing as they please, and that's the internet.

One of the original Las Vegas type towns in Colonial times was Stafford Springs, Connecticut. There are also local lakes and scenery. The minerals in the water were thought to have healing powers. So, there was a soda bottler that sprang up. There were the first hot tubs and spas in the US in Stafford Springs. Then came hotels, bars, prostitutes, legal and illegal liquor, a drug culture, gambling, and a long running organized crime running the money making operations between classic mobster groups, the State and local police, the courts, and local, state, and federal politicians.

I used to own a home in Stafford Springs. When I looked up the deed, Brown Ave Ext was originally called, "Cat Alley", it was where the State Police horse stable was located. It was ground zero for the prostitution, gambling, drinking, bribing politicians, and classic organized crime. Cat Alley was named not for cats in the alley, it was named for all the houses of prostitution. Train and trolley services were hopping. The "resort" was a stop for New York, New Jersey, Boston, Providence, and outer lying areas. It was a center of a spider web.

There were plenty of religious institutions around. A salesman who stopped off at a bar, missed his train, gambled, slept with prostitutes, could go to Church in the morning before taking a train home to his wife. Newspaper reporters dared not tell the stories of the debauchery and public corruption if they liked their teeth and breathing.

The last check and balance from making the whole US operate like one of America's classic resorts is now a free internet fostering Free Speech. The only thing from keeping the cop mafia from raping wives, killing or imprisoning the husbands, the seizing of properties, beat downs, murders, robbing, and the terrorizing of anyone speaking out or not paying tribute to make a living, is going to be the new rule, not the exception. If police are on the take, courts are rigged, and elected officials are also profiting from the schemes, the internet is the only safety net. The only way to get justice is to name names and state what they have done. Those who make false accusations on the internet, if they are not part of the system, get a barbecue in courts. Still, if you tell the truth on the internet, a politician can have their staff place a "Google Alert" for the politician's name. Those who are critical of the politician can be put on the secret police arrest on sight enemies list. [Example]

Foxwoods Casino is the largest casino in the world it is not far from Stafford Springs, Connecticut. It is rumored there is little to no real Native American blood in the "tribe" who started Foxwoods. Tribal maps that were well cared for relics, were suddenly "lost". Politicians drew the new maps with crayons and magic markers for state and federal hearings. The Connecticut State Police has a pissing contest over money, vice, egos, and power with the Connecticut Sheriffs. They began arresting Sheriffs for gun violations etc., and the newspapers and Connecticut media is allegedly part of the State Police, Corrupt Judicial Managers, Politician, and Organized Crime Cabal, so the Connecticut Sheriffs were blasted in the press. The Connecticut Sheriffs after being accused of everything except shooting JFK then became Judicial Marshals getting double retirements, pensions, and even more corrupt power. Jim Parks a former Connecticut Sheriff and Judicial Marshal lets the cat out of the bag about Foxwoods, the law enforcement/court system/politician scam.

Do you want the world run by these people? Do you want to pay them for censored news and global government propaganda? Well, that is what the new internet is slated to be. Your silence signifies your acceptance.

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MrSlappyCard | August 27, 2008

Jim Parks is a retired Connecticut Sheriff and Judicial Marshal. He is also a former lobbyist for a Native American Gambling interest promoting a Indian gaming casino.

What he talks about exposes public corruption in all 3 of Connecticut's Government branches. Official retaliate the same way against whistle blowers and citizens deemed to have "Big Mouths".

Justice should prevail.

But, in Connecticut, it currently does not.

Why should you care?

Answer: because what happens in Connecticut is usually a precedent in the rest of the country, such as the national scourge of Eminent Domain. Connecticut authorities show the rest of the country what can be gotten away with in courts, stealing from taxpayers, and across the board abuse of citizens.

It is time to end the blatant Connecticut State Police, Judicial, Attorney, Prosecutorial, and official misconduct.

[click here] for my thoughts on the drawbacks of a dead free internet.

Click links below to find the complete series of Jim Parks videos.

Are Connecticut judges buying their judgeships by making campaign contributions? Why don't you ask Jim Parks about [this] [and this] [and this]?

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