Friday, September 03, 2010

Making US Films in China?

I recently worked with a film crew on a Hollywood type production. I was the one to yell, "Picture Up, quiet please", "Last Looks", "Rolling", etc. The movie was basically fluff. I enjoyed the experience. But, many directors and producers of film in the US have to feel safe, not to rock the boat, challenging our abusive US regime. This post is my plea to find others filling to work and/or to finance film projects that may contain an embedded message with the entertainment.

The Chinese as a whole, have been more fiscally responsible. The Chinese, know as a country, what it is like to be subject to a foreign invader. Communism has a rich history of human rights abuse. The current regime in the US run by world bankers is a world human rights abuser. If China is a rising star willing to polish its image, and rise further financially, and in the world's eye for the furthering of humanity, maybe investors in China will consider helping finance, and host shoots, for films, many of us wouldn't dare consider on US soil given the current political climate.

Just a thought ...



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