Sunday, October 03, 2010

Naked Capitalism

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RussiaToday | October 03, 2010

US author Yves Smith spoke with RT about the cover-ups that went on leading up to and during the economic crisis, the real secrets of the crooks on Wall Street, and the doom and gloom of the future of America's economy. Yves Smith of and author of "Econned: How Unenlightened Self Interest Undermined Democracy and Corrupted Capitalism" told RT that there seems to be a big disconnect between sentiment in Washington and New York and the rest of the country. "Something like over 60% of the policy makers in Washington think the country is on the right track. Over 70% in America as a whole think it is on the wrong track," she said.

'Innocent' Wall Street? Banks & companies 'clever in dishonesty'

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FBI Blacklisted Pete Seeger

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Federal Average Pay, $123,049, as America Collapses



Ranting 9-29-2010

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SvenVonErick | September 29, 2010

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The opening picture of the above video, is of Steven G. Erickson, Bourbon St., New Orleans, Louisiana, Spring 2006. I am watching Fox News while typing this, the Dr. William Petit story where his home was invaded, his 11 year old was sodomized, raped, and had gas poured on her to set her ablaze is airing in the background. Dr. Petit didn't fight back. Our cases aren't related. I resisted being mugged on my own property, using pepper spray, I get a year in prison ...

Petit doesn't adequately protect his family, and he is minus his family. They're dead. I defended myself and am minus my family, they're alive.

Petit Cheshire Connecticut Home Invasion story:

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More information about the Corbett Report and Mr. James Corbett, scroll down in this post:

Stafford Springs Connecticut State Police Misconduct Brutality


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