Thursday, December 02, 2010

Assange, not an American is an American Patriot

Somebody does have to have the guts to take the bleepholes ripping off American taxpayers and harming the world to task. We the people are being educated on how our money is being spent, and on what, thanks to Mr. Assange. Applause to Julian Assange. The Peace Prize should be taken away from Obama and given to Assange.

We the people should have the power back. One way is referendums. Let's say there was one on the wars of occupation, to be de-funded, how do you think that would stand in a popular vote. I also think that in any community one percent of the population putting their signatures on a petition should result in a referendum. In a town of 300, it would take 3 people. Larger cities like New York City, let's say cap it at a 1000.

I would like to see Obama on the referendum to see if he is allowed to finish out his term, I suggest holding a vote to oust Obama and then hold a special election. I would also like to see Tail-Gunner Joe Lieberman ousted. He should not be the Chief Internet Censor in his own mind. He think he should be able to censor anyone at anytime on the Internet. Lieberman called for a boycott of for hosting the Assange website, and Amazon then dropped Assange's site on the threat. Lieberman must be stopped. Let's go America, let's applaud the brave efforts of like those of Julian Assange. Let's reward such globally responsible behavior, not punish it.

The above is a comment posted in [this article] on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks written by Karen Kwiatkowski.

This blogger weighs in on Assange with Alex Jones video from RTAmerica:


[click here] for:

Teddy Roosevelt vs. Corporate America


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