Saturday, December 25, 2010

Retire at 45 “working” for Tax Dollars?

I talked with a firefighter hours ago. He is 42, nearing retirement for service paid for with tax dollars. Firefighters are necessary. Government is necessary. Police and courts are necessary. But, these people should not be hired in too large a numbers, they shouldn't be overpaid, they should not have special privileges, and they should not police themselves with no outside, civilian oversight.

The firefighter that I talked to would have a tough time getting any employment if he didn't have his firefighter job. His father had a similar job in the same department. He makes over $70,000 a year and gets all sorts of benefits which might raise his actual pay over a 100k. Retirement will mean he can retire with 55% of his pay and still go out and get another full time, full paying job.

The US Government, States, and municipalities keep hiring more people to do less. Why are the rest of us paying, and paying, and getting less, and less? Why are we putting up with getting screwed day after day?


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