Sunday, May 15, 2011

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Image of Vincent Bugliosi, Los Angeles, California, prosecutor of Charlie Manson [found here]

I recently posted on on Vincent Bugliosi and Alex Jones. [here].

Grandma can have a blog about needlepoint and get single hits in a year.

So, for the most part, my blogging is more, and more, obscure.

When it cost money to have a blog, where band width costs money, I got possibly 5000 to 10,000 hits a day on Free Speech dot Com. None of my stuff is up anymore on that blog after [this video aired] on CT-N, Connecticut's State Government Access Channel.

Del Simmons out of near Atlanta, Georgia, maybe paid $400, or so, a month, for bandwidth, and allowed me to blog on his Free Speech website. He was allegedly pressured to take off all of my content, citing he wasn't going to risk his job, family, and home for a blog on the internet. Free Speech isn't free, even if it is the name of a blog, if you can be threatened with losing everything, posting the truth.

Here I am, posting for free, on a Google Blog, wondering when the shit will hit the fan, and all blogs will be taken down based on their political and ideological content.

I am asked why I have so much angst.

Well, when you have a father who would stand outside the bathroom door and determine how many facial tissues you use, or how much toilet paper as a very young child, you too, might be a little apt to question authority, see and question reality, early. When I had trouble breathing with allergies and asthma, I would get punched in the face for coughing on cigar smoke in an enclosed muscle car my father owned from age 4, or so. I no longer blame him for his behavior, as I believe he lacks empathy for others, especially significant others, co-workers, and children. I assume he'll never read this. I'm just posting my thoughts. Most writing is for oneself, not others.

Someone who was my filter has recently died.

I would ask if what I was posting went too far, and would consult with Rich Murzin.

I no longer have the filter. Maybe 90% of what I write is inflammatory to others.

I no longer know if any day can be my last, as my rear view mirror, Rich Murzin, is gone.

I took Connecticut State Police Troopers' threats to kick my teeth out, taking me for my last ride handcuffed in their trunks seriously. I was very afraid to even go outside after I was released from my prison sentence in Connecticut. Rich allowed me to feel confident to start going outside again, living my life. He had experienced the burning in his head after his injustice. He helped me with advice on what to do with the pain I felt in my mind. Seeing the US policing, court, and government system for what it really is can be devastating to one's well mental being.

I believe my prison sentence resulted from my proposing legislation to local Stafford Springs, Connecticut, legislators, that skateboarders on sidewalks, underage smokers, and other youth infractions should be addressed by youths being written detentions to be served year round at local schools to be written by police.

A Stafford Springs Constable, Frank Prochaska threatened me with being kicked out of Connecticut, being beaten up, killed, arrested, going to prison, and/or losing everything for having talked to elected officials and for co-founding a Stafford Springs Crime Watch against the wishes of police. I believe that "Fat Frank", a personality challenged police officer, living at home with his Mommy, wanted to put me in prison to take my European Lingerie Model Wife for himself. Morons can have dreams can't they?

So, this post is written by me, where I have not had much sleep. I will probably delete it, or may not even post it. This is written for me ...


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