Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The NWO Agenda and the EU

The below was found on http://geraldcelentechannel.blogspot.com/

The NWO Agenda and the EU : the major banking families of this world manipulate our politics. They have all the major political parties in their pockets. There are only a few political parties which they will not touch, and that is Nationalist parties, because Nationalism goes against their Orwellian dream of a one world government. This is why Nationalist parties are ripped to shreds in the media and labelled 'racist'. They are trying to brainwash people that supporting Nationalism is supporting racism and fascism, when in fact they are the real racists and fascists trying to force total control over us all, along with destroying our unique identities to make way for the new world order. There is nothing wrong with a nation state! Stop the NWO, Stop the EU, and Stop the greedy bankers! Stop conforming to their solutions which have been manipulated by their own problematic acts of evil. Use the ballott box, and vote for your nations most respectable, democratic Nationalist party. This is the only way to stop the NWO totalitarian tiptoe which is creeping upon us all. Don't blame immigrants, don't blame the public. This is the politicians fault and the bankers who have them in their pockets!

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Do the Less than 1% Elite want to start murdering babies?




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