Saturday, May 03, 2014

"The Alpha Omega Conforming Anarchist"

"The Alpha Omega Conforming Anarchist", is one of the titles of one of my non-conforming screenplays. My screenplays absolutely will not be bought by anyone, and no corporate entity ever deserves to see what I have written. What I have written should be made into a movie, I can do it myself. I can do a lot myself. I have opened my mind even more and I run into more talented writers and people with skills I wish I possessed ... I hope to work in a mutually beneficial capacity with some of these individuals.

The US Police State is knocking on all of our doors. It is not American, it is the international banker and corporate organized crime occupation. We have to fight in smart ways with stealth, or we the people are going to die as we now know it. We are truly brothers and sisters in arms, or without arms, fighting an enemy that is less that 1/10 of 1% who figures that many of us will accept money, property, and assets they have stolen from all of us to fight most of us. Math is on our side.


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