Sunday, March 18, 2018

Absolutely disgusting Police Misconduct is not Uncommon in the State of Connecticut, and in Most States

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Connecticut State Police and other police in other states are getting their instructions from their International Police Union, and the UN. I consider this treason. For decades the police union wants to dismantle the US Constitution. Police are getting federal tax dollars to break laws and go after citizens who are considered "Constitutional Extremists," totally violating the US Constitution with their current behavior.

There is no holds barred as far a police misconduct, and brutality, since 9/11, the Patriot Act, and the NDAA.

Once you are a target, on the secret police enemies list, you may never get justice, may end up dead of "natural causes", in prison, broke, and/or go crazy after all of the abuse.


Excerpt [link to more]:

Connecticut Cops, Guns, drugs, money, "suicide", and Police Misconduct?

From Bad Cop News:

NORWALK, CONNECTICUT - Criminal charges will not be filed against two police officers drawn into the investigation of former Lt. Thomas Cummings, who was charged with sexual molestation, police and Judicial Branch sources said.

But an internal police investigation is under way, and Lt. Michael King and Sgt. Stephen Couture could face disciplinary action, said William Curwen, president of the police union.
The criminal investigation into the officers has ended without charges filed against them, Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo said last week.

King, a 24-year veteran, was investigated for downloading pornographic material on his department computer and the police computer assigned to Cummings, Colangelo said.

Couture, who has 23 years on the force, last month was stripped of his command of the Youth Bureau. He was investigated for speaking to Cummings at the start of the probe into sexual abuse allegations against Cummings, Colangelo said.

Sources with knowledge of the investigation said Couture told Cummings immediately that he was under investigation by Colangelo, but withheld that information from his superiors for three days.
Reached on Friday, King and Couture declined to comment.

The officers’ conduct came under criminal review during the investigation of Cummings, which began in October.

The investigation began after a 15-year-old Weston boy told one of his high school teachers about his sexual relationship with Cummings, a source close to the investigation said.

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