Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Americans Seeking Political Asylum Outside the US?

20 September 2006
To whom it may concern at Cuban Embassy in Guyana:

[click here, for embassy website]

The writing is on the wall when American President, George W. Bush advocates torture for non-white prisoners of illegal US wars, calling those that oppose him, terrorists. Lies were told to the the American people for the wars to be fought illegally. The world should know that maybe two thirds of Americans in America disagree with President George W. Bush, his wars, and his foreign policy.

Any leader that proposes torture and detaining and sentencing prisoners without trial or hearing dates is just plain, an asshole, there is no better word.

There is a policy of collecting undeclared taxes from US. Elderly American citizens that have just driven through Connecticut and have found themselves in a Connecticut hospital, a lawyer is then appointed for them to act in their best interest, they are drugged up, put in a mental hospital, not allowed to see their adult children, and the State of Connecticut and the lawyers split the money, property, and assets they rip off of those just driving through the State that aren't rich, official criminals, and/or politically connected.

Connecticut and Yale University is Bush Country. The former Governor John G. Rowland of Connecticut was known as "Johnny" to both Presidents Bush. Well "Johnny" wanted to build a national chain of "Kiddie Max" prisons so his friends could get rich and "Johnny" could get huge bribes. Birds of a feather fly together.

Bush seems to want to take everyone's rights, cash, freedom, and even Americans can fear torture and being confined based on lies in America.

The courts are rigged to abuse and for the abusers to get rich. Not all corporations are bad, but the ones that are aligned to rip off average Americans and the World, are bad. Police, Dept. of Children and Families, teachers, Mental Health workers, and Prison Guards all have unions. The unions influence politicians into hiring too many workers and not making sure they act honestly and in the public's best interest.

The system has run amuck.

Kids are being taken away from good families to defraud Federal Taxpayers. Honest citizens are being arrested and thrown in prisons for being non-white, mouthy, or just for defrauding taxpayers.

Property can be stolen from average citizens by the Official US Criminal Elite, kids kidnapped, political prisoners held in US prisons, and US police officers can even hire hit men to kill those that complain about US police or police have acted as hit men for officials.

Retirement can be stolen from honest citizens.

There needs to be a country outside of the US that US and other citizens can seek Political Asylum from the abuse of US Corporations and an out of hand Judicial and Executive Branches of Federal and State Goverments in the United States of America.

Please contact other embassies and governments in regards to this letter. At least two thirds of Americans don't believe in torture and many have started to think of Bush and some other officials as War Criminals.

Please consider offering asylum to Americans and others abused by the Bush regime. We need to protect our families, ourselves, our freedom, our financial well being, and our lives.

Please help us.

Steven G. Erickson, formerly US held Political Prisoner for having gotten mouthy in newspapers regarding official corruption and police misconduct.

P.S. I haven't yet decided to leave America or in even denouncing my citizenship, but I would like to know that there is a safety net for likeminded Americans and others. I don't believe in Socialism, nor do I believe in Communism, but when corporations and corrupt officials have run amuck who is to say which is worse? Being able to have basic human rights, a business, raise a family, receive benefit from hard work, and to live in peace and safety is becoming less and less possible in the US. US citizens should not fear for their safety for what are American Foreign Policy nor should they fear for not agreeing with it. Try putting "Steven G. Erickson" in a search engine.


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