Wednesday, September 13, 2006

American Flag and US Constitution Toilet Paper?

The elect Nancy Johnson website

I know people that have 24 hour surveillance, their phones are tapped, their Internet activity monitored, their websites attacked, and there are online and other types of officially sanctioned stalkers. There is no one to complain to when officials and their lackeys break the law. An average citizen has no rights. Republican Nancy Johnson is really beyond a big liar even for the new Republican Party, Chief Jackass, Bush.

What happened to human rights IN America?

Who is going to watch the watchers? Is anybody actually buying Johnson’s and the Republican’s stance on we the people can’t be trusted and need every word and action taped for use and further abuse?

Terrorists aren’t really a threat to the US and Freedom, Bush and Company is.

What's up in Connecticut?

Connecticut’s Constitution BBQ

An Email sent to the Connecticut Governor


5th District Ad: A Wiretap Test
Johnson Scorns Murphy Stance
September 13, 2006
By JEFFREY B. COHEN, Hartford Courant Staff Writer The ad strikes an ominous tone worthy of the trailer for a movie thriller.

It begins with a view of Earth from space, cutting closer to supposed computer images of traced phone calls. Then comes the voice:

"A call is placed from New York to a known terrorist in Pakistan. A terrorist plot may be unfolding," the announcer says. U.S. Rep. Nancy Johnson says tap that call. "Liberal Chris Murphy says `no' - apply for a court warrant even if valuable time is lost."

Johnson's latest ad, released Tuesday, brings the national debate over the president's warrantless wiretap program to the 5th Congressional District. In response, Murphy, a Democrat, says Johnson, a Republican, is misrepresenting both his position and the law, and is manipulating the memory of the attacks of Sept. 11 for her own political gain.


"Nancy Johnson's decision to run an ad on September 12 politicizing the 9/11 attacks is disgusting," Murphy said in a news release. "Her ad is intended to scare people into thinking that we are safer if the Bush Administration is allowed to break our laws, and she should be ashamed."

Shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, President Bush authorized the National Security Agency to monitor overseas communications of Americans suspected of terrorist activity.

Murphy said current laws that govern eavesdropping allow the federal government to intercept phone calls at any time for security reasons, provided that it gets an emergency warrant from a secret court within 72 hours. The administration's effort to circumvent the law is wrong, Murphy said, and so are Johnson and her colleagues "who have abandoned their responsibility to oversee this Administration."

Johnson's campaign fired back that Murphy's criticism was both "breathless and panicked," and her spokesman said Murphy was "ignorant" when it comes to the law. While the law provides for warrantless wiretapping provided the government seeks a warrant after the fact, the U.S. Justice Department asks for those warrants only when they are certain they will get the warrant - a process Johnson's campaign said takes too much time and puts the country at risk.

"Nancy's top priority is protecting our country against terrorist attacks," Johnson campaign spokesman Brian Schubert said. "Chris Murphy is a Ned Lamont liberal who blindly follows the left-wing of his party."

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