Thursday, December 07, 2006

Shoddy Police, Shoddy Courts

Often the same last names of families are doing the same crimes year after year. Law Enforcement in Connecticut does little to prevent crime in downtown areas. Cops in Connecticut get job security by never really solving problems, especially social problems. There is a pretend Drug War. It is about collecting revenue, taxing the Drug Delivery System as a business in confiscated cash, assets, and property of middlemen. Solve the problem get your manpower reduced, budget slashed, and give up all political power.

Connecticut is a Police State. Click Here for my core argument against Connecticut State Police and the Connecticut Courts. Click Here for a post on Connecticut Racist Courts. Click Here for a post on typical Connecticut Court jury rigging.

I have dealt with Lt. Fox of Connecticut State Police, Troop C, Tolland Connecticut in complaining about Connecticut State Troopers Amaral and Langlois regarding their perjury in my criminal case where I was sent to prison for using pepper spray after I was beaten during a robbery attempt on my own property saying I never tried to make a complaint against my attacker, Brian Caldwell. Sergeant Sticca also of Troop C, said I “confessed” while being held at lock up at Troop C.

I asked Major Wheeler of the Connecticut State Police to review the lock up audio and arrest Sticca for making a false statement to police. I never heard anything more about having “confessed”. Then Sgt. Fox was abusive and threatening with me when I tried to make a police complaint against officers. I had to wait at Troop C and be lead through hallways to the center of the station where officers all stared me down from around the room peering in windows to the room giving me dirty looks. Fox yelled at me and was far from impartial. The whole scenario was meant to terrorize me, not do an honest investigation into police misconduct of Connecticut State Police.

I also complained to Lt. Davoren, now Captain Davoran (I am not sure of spelling), and he told me his only job was to, “Protect the Integrity of the System” after I asked him why the victim of a crime was facing prison, not the Felon, a violent alcoholic, drug using, alleged Police Informant, that was the perpetrator of crimes.

Here is a typical story about the Stafford Springs area of Connecticut:

Judge sets high bond for Stafford man in police chase

* * * *

State police internal affairs unit blasted; criminal charges could result from scathing report

* * * *
* * * *

Click Here for story regarding Connecticut Police falsely arresting citizens for drunk driving as their own little game.


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