Friday, February 02, 2007

Connecticut’s Unofficial Racist Policies and the “New” Jim Crow

By “unofficially” going after small businesses and rental property owners that “cater” to minorities and poorer Whites a State can discourage them from staying in the State or at minimum keep them contained in ghettos that are pre-concentration camp confinement.

If Connecticut is the most racist and abusive State in modern times, yours might not be far behind.

It is common knowledge that if you are caught “Driving while Black” in Connecticut you face being pulled over and either arrested or fined especially in the "White Only" suburbs.

If you are a minority and you are driving from Hartford into Wethersfield or West Hartford, you are likely to get pulled over.

Police are intentionally rude and threatening to those they feel don’t belong in “their” neighborhoods. The rich and connected get respectful, courteous, and prompt police protection and service.

The proposed law of a fine of paying $250 is just another measure to take poorer and minority drivers off the road. If you can’t pay the fine, your driver’s license is suspended. The Official State of Connecticut seems to have a push to suspend as many driver licenses as possible of select groups.

There is very limited public transportation. Those that can’t get out of the ghetto are contained by it.

There are plans to massively confine select populations in “concentration camps” in the event of a natural disaster, sustained power outage, or if Martial Law is declared.

DCF and police misconduct is a way of life in Connecticut.

They are the equivalent to a Nazi Goon Squad of "Official Policies". Files are kept secret so false allegations and official perjury goes unpunished. Citizens can be kept in line by being threatened with having their kids taken away just for complaining about Attorney, Judicial, Prosecutorial, or Official Misconduct.

Breaking up families of select groups keeps them separate and unequal in future generations. Federal Taxpayers are defrauded by funding official kidnapping in Connecticut. It is reported that Connecticut gets at least 90k in Federal Tax Dollars for each kid, and 150k.

Crime does pay for official Connecticut and in too many like-minded states.

Those that are on probation and parole have to go to a house that is drug, sometime alcohol free, and absolutely not having guns. The White elitists in Connecticut want to take away everyone else’s Second Amendment Rights. No rifles or pistols for the masses. They need to be ripped off by the Armed Revenue Collectors, the Connecticut State Police, where police fear no resistance in their criminal schemes of kidnapping, raping, robbing, and even murdering citizens.

Connecticut is trying to arrest, detain (each inmate brings at least $75 each per day in Federal Tax Dollars), process, put in classes with forced official tuition, fine, confiscate assets, official kidnap children, and label as many citizens as possible to deny the vote to as many people as possible, enforcing Jim Crow and Separate and Unequal.

Practicing Lawyers also holding elected offices only spreads the infection. The elected lawyers give corrupt and abusive judges, prosecutors, DCF workers, DMR workers, police, and other officials a free pass to abuse and steal from the public.

Lawyers make more money if there is unfairness, racism, sexual discrimination, crime, blight, social unrest, mayhem, and anarchy. So why should some of the slimiest humans in existence double dip from two branches of government? There is supposed to be separation of powers and checks and balances.

The more you are fined, the more rights and property that are taken away, and the less you are able to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, the more the lawyers make. Don’t elect lawyers.

Check out Francis Knize’s proposed legislation here.

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

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