Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bribe a Court Employee?

If you have a criminal record, you allegedly can have it completely erased, just bribe a Connecticut court employee to go on to the computer system and hit "delete".

You have drug charges, assaults, thefts, crimes against children, it doesn't matter. Cash is king.

Workers for the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles have been caught selling driver's licenses. It didn't matter who you were and why you needed a false ID, terrorist could buy a Driver's license in Connecticut.

Over the years the vehicle inspection system shut down a number of times, it can't seem to run without bribes, corruption, and complete mismanagement.

Common Criminal Parasites aren't the target in Connecticut, those that own small businesses and property are. Revenue agents are getting more and more creative at collecting undeclared taxes.

The Official Kidnapping of Children nets the State of Connecticut countless Federal Dollars. The destruction of the American Family is plain wrong. With a State that is losing population and its industrial base, Connecticut is an example to the nation at how sleazy and unjustly a state can operate.

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The Culture of Corruption Continues?

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Connecticut Courts "All Mobbed Up"



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