Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Breaking the Law and Contracting

Text with YouTube video:
If you Contract without a license in Connecticut, you might be subject to a year in prison. Official Connecticut might go after small business owners, contractors, and landlords before they do vandals, prostitutes, drug dealers etc.


It is about revenue collection not criminal correction.

Just working for a living, trying to get by, shouldn't be such a crime.

[click here] for all of my YouTube.com videos

Complaining about police doing little about prostitution, crack cocaine and heroin dealers, vandals, thieves, pimps, and common criminal parasites in Connecticut's downtown areas directly led to me losing these properties [video].

Connecticut's "Goon Squad", the Connecticut State Police [click for blog post]

Do the Connecticut State Police have a secret "Enemies List" where they arrest, target, and try and imprison citizens for political reasons? Well you might want to ask journalist and former Green Party Candidate campaign manager for Connecticut Governor, Kenneth Krayeske. [more]

My letter to George W. Bush [click]

Will Connecticut Police Officers pay to kill citizens that lodge police misconduct complaints? [more]

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Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

For those of you that have never viewed a youtube video, click on arrow in middle of screen, or play button near bottom of the screen.

Thu May 17, 10:36:00 AM 2007  

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