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Cops transitioning into Criminals

The Informant System

Teens and others get the impression that they work for the police. Police use them for their own purposes until they no longer need them. This creates more and more common criminal parasites, substance abusers, takes taxpayers offline, destroys families, decreases business, and lowers the quality of life for all. For liberty and the US Constitution to apply, the informant system must be abolished.

Tom Alcutt, was allegedly an attempted recruit of police to be an informant. Tom said he would be allowed to keep half of the drug money supplied by police and/or half the drugs (crack cocaine) that he purchased, and they (police) would turn a blind eye to Alcutt's break-ins and selling the stolen items at pawn shops. Alcutt's favorite spot to break in was the garage. If enough could be taken out of the garage to sell, he did not enter the home.

Police aligning themselves with criminals is a criminal conspiracy.

It should stop.

When police identify a criminal and criminal behavior, the perpetrator should be arrested unless a police officer's discretion is used determining it is in the public's best interest not to arrest the alleged perpetrator of crimes. If those that would commit more and more crimes are stopped in the beginning stages, maybe they can be taught to go right. A taxpayer, instead of a tax liability may result.

The biggest problem with the Informant System is what it is used for. [An Example of police Murder for hire plots] Police should not be able to drive cars or live in homes that they seize. Cash, assets, and property seized should go to reducing taxes, not to police and members of the judiciary. The system disguises the money trail.

We the people must try to keep police and members of the judiciary out of a life of crime, the Informant System must be abolished.

-Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

My beef?

Should the Connecticut State Police be abolished? [click]

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I just found a past FreeSpeech.com post in this unlikely spot, the text after I did a word search on "Tom Alcutt":

a past link; post: June 11, 2004 Are U. Courts still racist, but now just a little more slick about it? Are there Black and White sections in prison? Does it matter what race you are, what you do for a living, or where you live, on whether or not you are arrested, or even how severely you are punished, if at all? Well, when I was serving time in a Connecticut Prison for overreacting to being beaten from behind during a robbery attempt on my property, I met Mathew Barron, Connecticut Inmate # 300850, formerly of Danbury, CT. If his claims are true, Connecticut State Courts need a serious looking into, if not so, nationally to see that citizens are treated fairly and Constitutionally. I had a lot of time to get to know Matt, an African American, about age 40. Seemingly very intelligent, head shaved, a lady�s man, had the record for being the fastest runner out of probably 1000 inmates at Bergin C.

Storrs, Connecticut. Matt claims to have been active in the bar business as a bartender, possibly having invested in his own bar in the past. I served time with him in the �Black� section of the prison, which seemed to house mostly Hispanic and African American inmates as compared to the better facilities, the White section, or �Country Club,� section of the prison. The showers were inferior, the water from the water fountain was almost hot and heavily chlorinated, the roofs leaked, and we have to bring 5 gallon buckets that doubled as rain catchers to fill up in the showers as the water usually ran down the wall, not on you, in the �Black Section� of the prison. The water would only make you more thirsty and using it to bathe caused sores on the skin for too many inmates. Matt�s story as I remember it being told to me: Matt claims he had a restraining order against his white girl friend in the medical field for stalking and harassing him. Matt claims he woke up to her in his home where he woke up to the sharp pain of being slammed in the face with an iron, he claimed he fought her off and called police. He claims that he was also arrested and charged with Assault in the 3rd degree for defending himself, and his ex-girlfriend was charged with felony assault.

He claims that his ex-girlfriend violated her restraining order, committed a felony while on probation and served no jail time, just had her probation extended. Matt who claims to have helped during the 9-11 clean-up as a worker there, ended up having to serve a full year in prison for having to defend himself. If this story is 100% or even partially accurate, shouldn�t we all be just a little concerned about the fairness of our courts? Are they to punish certain races, occupations, and those living in certain geographic locations more or less severely based on bias and prejudice? Do certain power brokers, politicians, judges, and police officials have an agenda, target individuals, and act out on personal vendettas?

Tom DeCiantis, Connecticut Inmate #273332, claims he, while on probation, got angry with a man that had talked to girl he like at the bar he worked at in Ellington, and that he attacked the man severely breaking his nose, almost the guy�s jaw, causing permanent scarring and severe pain, was caught jumping on the individual when police arrived. Allegedly just after slamming he guy over and over into a brick wall. Tom claimed he was drunk and on drugs at the time of the incident. Tom claims he was on probation during the incident, and alcohol or drug consumption was a violation. For Tom�s assault while on probation, he was sentenced to a $250 fine, no jail time, nor additional probation.

He allegedly got another DUI, while on probation, and tested dirty in his urine for alcohol and drugs, possibly for a fifth, sixth, or even seventh time, possibly including cocaine. He was allegedly given chance after chance and his probation officer felt he or she had to violate Tom. He ended up getting sentenced to four months in prison for the violation of probation and possibly should have gotten a year or years for all of his offenses, just while on probation. Tom Alcutt, a police informant story
(the above link is expired, that story is cut and pasted below this post)
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Peter Griffin, Connecticut Inmate # 306810, claims he was/is the owner of the Cadillac Ranch, a country line dancing bar, and another Connecticut hot spot. Peter claimed his father retired as did the Connecticut Alcohol Enforcement official whom he bribed for protection and to stay out of trouble. Since the official had retired Peter claimed he didn�t know what new Connecticut Official he was supposed to bribe to stay out of trouble. Peter claimed that he was targeted for his property and assets by over zealous drug enforcement agents. It only takes three arrests under the nuisance statute where your property and business can be seized and the State and Law Enforcement get to split the booty. Peter claimed that a drug dealer and a customer were offered immunity or some type of deal to do a drug deal at Pete�s bar.

Pete claims he was the number 3 arrest, and because he supposedly �knew� about the drug deal he was charged with accessory and with conspiracy and all the other charges of the other 2. Peter claimed the other 2 only got a slap on the wrist and he was charged with felonies facing 9 or more years in prison. Peter claims he wanted to preserve his marriage and see his children grow up, so he claims even though he is innocent, elected to plea to the charges and serve a year and a half in prison and be labeled a felon for the rest of his life, unable to vote, or operate in the love of his life, the bar business. Other bar owners in another part of Connecticut, Stafford Springs, that did not play cards and eat lunch with the Selectman of the town at that time, found themselves in prison, or forced out of business or go to prison. What does that say? Business owners that are not connected to the cronyism, graft, and corruption in Connecticut Town Halls are a target for their assets, property, and to be put out of business to bolster the profits and assets of the privileged. What about the story of another landlord (click here for post on Donald Christmas) threatened and facing prison for threatening to sue for civil rights violations, proposing laws forcing police to protect and serve ALL residents, and being outspoken? Ok, doubters, does my story now make sense? Picture of my former property in this post, and my story found with this one.

If shit like this is ok with you, maybe you should remain quiet, just don�t ask a tried and convicted, “Big Mouth,” like me to fight for you or to expose your injustice. Because, I just won�t care either. Erickson (Vikingas)
Getting Tarred and Feathered
Disclaimer: The contents of this post, and of all of my posts, emails, letters, and what is printed in newspapers, is to my best belief and knowledge, and represents my opinions, solely. June 11, 2004 09: 44 AM | TrackBack Comments Anybody that wants to join me, help in the fight, represent me legally in the fight against civil rights abuses of the police and the courts, sue the prison system for covering up abuse, misconduct, and hiding abuse from federal prison inspectors, wants to sue Connecticut for being racist and unfair, or has thought of a lawsuit, class action, or not, that somehow involves me, my fight, my cause, please write me at: EricksonPO Box 730Enfield, CT 06083-0730
Posted by: Erickson at June 11, 2004 10: 24 AM test
Posted by:

Clifford W. Thornton, Jr. at June 11, 2004 10: Spada, Commission of the Connecticut State Police, to your lackey, Governor John G. Rowland, and to others that either told me to �shut or else,� and leave the State and/or wanted me silenced,
Message: FUCK YOU �
And how do you like me now? Oh, and by the way, P.

Posted by: Erickson at June 11, 2004 11: 08 AM The prisoners themselves add to the segragation that takes place in a prison. Blacks hang with blacks, latinos with latinos, whites with whites, and then the innocent huddle in the corners and wait to get shived and raped. There are gangs in prisons and alot of them are based on race. Is it the prison system or the mentallity of the inmates? Gordo at June 11, 2004 11:

51 AM test
Posted by: Clifford W. Thornton, Jr. at June 11, 2004 12: 16 PM I encourage all of you to visit the web site listed below. It shows and tells everything Steve is talking about and more. Please visit link;
Posted by:

Clifford W. Thornton, Jr. at June 11, 2004 12: 35 PM Gordo
It is society itself, segragated housing, education,etc,etc.

So when going to prison it is business as usual. You hang with the people you know, the people that look most like you. As long as we live in pockets of isolation we conjure up our own perceptions, these perceptions become our realities but are not necessarly the truth
Posted by:

Clifford W. Thornton, Jr. at June 11, 2004 03: 02 PM Cliff’s link as noted above (click)
Posted by: Erickson at June 11, 2004 11: 28 PM About Cliff’s comment: Erik the Viking made it a post of its own now.

About Gordo’s question, is this a system racism or does it have to do with the inmates: I think that this is a classist argument (which I don’t disagree with) that may also apply to the correctional officers. Ranadeb at June 13, 2004 01: 07 AM Steven G. Erickson and Vikingas are one in the same. No, the link above is not for something already posted, that is separate and stands on its own. Erickson at June 13, 2004 09: 53 AM Someone is as pissed off as I am about police bullshit and where are country is going, she left a comment and this link in this post comment section. She alleges that her 10 year old son was shot in the back of the head by a neighbor alone with her son in Huntington, West Virginia.

If Law Enforcement acted as Advertised, street crime and drug use would be vastly reduced. Erickson at June 23, 2004 12: 18 PM* * * ** * * *September 10, 2003 If Law Enforcement acted as Advertised, street crime and drug use would be vastly reduced. Police should not be partnering with street criminals and small time drug dealers,’informants’, to fleece the taxpayer beyond what he/she already pays in outrageous taxes. As it is now, the law enforcement system is a sham. If officers actually did their jobs they could see their numbers reduced. So a cop on every corner does little to curb crime if the main agenda is collecting traffic fines, other fees, confiscating money, and property. It would then make sense to leave the career criminal parasites alone as they cannot be easily found and fined. Instead they are a law enforcement TOOL.

An informant can set up innocent and not so innocent individuals that do have money and property to take away. An example of this is Thomas Alcutt, Connecticut Prisoner # 305757, Bergin Correctional Institute, Storrs, Connecticut. Alcutt told me that he had a $200 to $1000 daily crack cocaine habit for a period of years. Alcutt claimed he broke into countless houses and garages, even when the people were home. Thomas told me he preferred garages as if they were easy to get into and there was usually enough valuables in the garage without having to go into the house, so he had enough goods to sell at a Southern Connecticut pawn shop to fuel his daily addiction. Just think of how much misery and loss of dollars was caused by this one individual. If drug users were corrected as caught, there would be less distribution, crime, and those caught early could be taxpayers, not in prison with long sentences, dead, or one of the growing number of common criminal, parasite, frauds. After committing hundreds and hundreds of crimes for many years, Alcutt told me he got careless and was caught by police in his car, smoking crack, yet another time. Alcutt told me he was offered a deal by drug enforcement agents to stage buys for them and he could keep half the money and half the crack seized!

Alcutt felt loyalty and feared his drug connections so opted to finally go to prison for a short stint for his countless crimes. If true, police could actually be encouraging crime and the fleecing of the average citizen, the taxpayer. Drunk driving, domestic disputes, and other social problems were not concentrated on until there was a realization that these behaviors produce untold revenues in fines, forced tuition for classes, and is just one more way to take control citizens, circumventing the U. Constitution. If the social problem of drinking were really a concern the higher functioning citizens with assets and cash would not be the only target for drunk driving, those passing out on sidewalks, staggering around downtown areas daily would also be targeted.

In Connecticut, a loud screaming match between married people can result in arrest, probation, fines, and forced tuition. Do the homeless get arrested and treated the same if they exhibit the same behaviors? If not, why? It’s the money and homeless people often smell and are not pleasant to deal with. I have seen police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut refuse to arrest teens that were drunk, fighting, one putting his hand though a window causing a massive wound. It was common knowledge, the teens were small time drug dealers, vandals, and house breakers, but since they had exhibited bad behavior for years and had nothing of real value to take, they were left to commit more and more crimes.

Job security for police, and those unable to behave themselves use alcohol, tobacco, and drugs which ultimately produces revenue in huge quantities in the short term. Crime would immediately be reduced the minute police start protecting and serving downtown home, business, investment property owners, and those honest, hardworking citizens just trying to get by. As it is now police mainly serve the Cities and Towns in revenue collected, not the people. Those that don’t vote, voice their opinions in letters to the editor, and contact their politicians by snail mail and by phone are condoning bad policies, corruption, and the dilution of the Constitution. If you, as Americans, want rights for yourself and for future generations, the time to speak up and act is now. Erickson(formerly of Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

Run out by Connecticut State Police for having complained about downtown crime, drug dealing, in letters to the editor and for having the ‘audacity’ of actually proposing ‘Civilian Oversight’ of police to State and Federal legislators. 5, 2004)
Drug Dealer/House Breaker shoots pig in head, downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut
3 Stooges Security Service

September 10, 2003 05: 56 AM | TrackBack Comments Homeboy, you might be rights about some things buts I tell you now it ain’t what you thinks it is with the cops. They be busting my bros left and right and I’ve been going to jail lately now for ever in a day homeboy. The fact is, why can’t we all just get along? Mavin Johnson at September 10, 2003 10: 15 AM The whole judicial system is screwed up and the innocent are paying the price. Karla at April 16, 2004 02: 46 PM The whole judicial system is screwed up and the innocent are paying the price.

Karla at April 16, 2004 02: 46 PM The whole judicial system is screwed up and the innocent are paying the price. Karla at April 16, 2004 02: 47 PM I hope you can help me expose the injustice of the cops and corrupt local law enforcement. Please go to: link; and read the story of the murder of my Son and join me in my demand that his murder be investigated and the murderer arrested. I can’t seem to find any support anywhere in this country.

Please add your voice to mine
Posted by: Deborah at June 23, 2004 11: 53 AM The above link mentioned, just click here. Erickson at June 23, 2004 11:

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