Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Manchester Connecticut Police Misconduct

Kristine Blake tells of typical retaliation in Connecticut. As a Department of Mental Health, DMR, worker Blake lodged a complaint. She soon went through harassment, threats, and if she did not have a stamped passport proving she was out of the country when false allegations were made, she may have ended up in prison. No police officers or DMR workers were arrested for their complicity in the scheme that could have landed Black falsely in prison. False allegations for false arrests, for retaliation, are gladly taken in Connecticut.

Kristine Blake tells of Connecticut DMR Abuse

Kristine Blake audio talking about false allegation hatched by DMR officials, staff, and Manchester Connecticut Police Officers, while she was out of the country

Note: the picture with video is a file photo and the audio interview has nothing to do with Fox Channel 61

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Note: Kristine Blake requested that I come videotape her and render a copy of a videotape she had of a news broadcast to expose, on the Internet, the corruption of the Department of Retardation and Official Connecticut. I honored Kristine's request, met with her, and obtained the above from her and posted it.

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Connecticut Police go after landlords that evict prostitutes:

I Steven G. Erickson interview landlord Donald L. Christmas of the Thompsonville section of Enfield, CT. Donny describes Connecticut Police misconduct in its simplest, disgusting form.

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