Thursday, September 11, 2008

How small town police sell and make money off of drugs:

title of video:

I believe the above is alleged to have occurred in North Carolina

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Confidential Informants acting as Domestic Terrorists

Connecticut State Police State Registered Confidential Informant Todd Vashon sells drugs for cops, sets up citizens, took $10,000 to kill two citizens that lodged police misconduct complaints, and police don't require him to have a driver's license, insurance, an inspected vehicle, or valid license plates to drive on Connecticut roads and highways. [more information]

* * * *

Cops recruit teens and others to be part of their cop gangs

If you try to get out of the gangs, police will send other police informants from their police informant gang to maybe do a drive-by shooting on you. If you fight back maybe you can get 2 decades or more in prison, or end up dead, just for wanting out of the Cop taxpayer sponsored gang.

* * * *

Was I "Taught a Lesson" to shut up about the above when police rape, rob, assault, sell drugs, and even kill, have killed, or arrange to be killed, citizens that complain about Connecticut State Police misconduct.

* * * *

Masked Police Beat/Abduct Citizens

The above is an excerpt from Ritt Goldstein's VHS tape of the Dec. 1996 Legislative Judiciary Committee Special Hearing on Civilian Oversight of Police. Ritt Goldstein soon fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after making [this tape].

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Is the CIA the biggest worldwide drug smuggling, producing, transporting, money laundering, organized criminal syndicate in the world? [more]

Will politicians like Congressman Keith Ellison and Chris Shays do something about this? [more]


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