Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3 cops, 3 towns, 3 arrests

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Police from 3 towns and cities in Connecticut have been arrested in separate incidents.

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Maybe only one police officer in a hundred who commits crimes is actually investigated, especially in the State of Connecticut. Judicial, Police, Official, and Prosecutorial Misconduct in Connecticut is considered an "Art Form".

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Police Bullying and Lies in Hartford, CT

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My account of today's confrontation (11/2/2009) with Hartford Police as they unlawfully utilized my property without my permission and my request for them to vacate the premises.

Steven G. Erickson responds to above video:

Links and Info posted with video:

This video is in response to this youtube.com video:

Should police be rude to the public?

Should police place citizens in handcuffs because they complain about police misconduct?

Should police in the State of Connecticut, or any other State, make citizens fear beatings and other police misconduct for just being at home and not wanting to be invaded by rude and out of hand cops?

Should police officers be able to do as they please, when they please, with no fear of prosecution or of losing their jobs?

Should police unions write officers blank checks to abuse citizens?:

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Ken Krayeske weighs in on his blog, click his title to go directly to his blog:

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Are Connecticut courts and those in most of the US about abusing the poorer Americans? [more]

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Steve Murzin - Police Violate 4th Amendment Seymour, CT

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brief video. End portion is not quite audible as of yet. While driving to get a coffee in Seymour, CT I was stopped at a police checkpoint. The policeman shined his light in my face and I rolled down the window. The office states that his probable cause to stop me is because I won't let him do his job. The policeman suspects that because I know my rights that I am a lawyer. After the policeman had me exit the vehicle he stated that I would be arrested for interfering with police and that he would make sure that I stay in the court system "....so long that it will bankrupt you" The other policeman stated that now he knows who I am and that, "...We'll be watching you all of the time. The policeman asked me what my problem was, I replied that I have no problem. The officer never answered my questions about defending the Constitution. Because I decided to leave my home to get a coffee, I was stopped by police without probable cause, detained, removed from my vehicle and threatened. More to come!!!!

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US Rigged Courts

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Is Connecticut Organized Crime and Street Gang friendly?


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