Saturday, January 23, 2010

Checking out this Tea Party thing

I have blogged on Liberal sites and then been blocked, banned, and slighted for admitting having watched Fox News and speaking my mind, as I am an Independent. On conservative sites I can be considered a tree hugging Liberal for having dared to admit that I have watched MSNBC, blogged, banned, and told to go elsewhere.

I figure I will keep an open mind and listen to the arguments of others to learn, no matter their ideology, party, or whether I agree, or disagree, with their objectives.

I found the below

Text with video:
From the Committees of safety tea party at Faneuil Hall 2008. Dr. Edwin Vieira delivers a powerful argument for following the constitution. You can buy a high quality dvd of the entire meeting at

Reinstate the Constitutional Militia? Break free from The Fed and expect representation for our taxation? The falsehood, and "fiat", of the American Dollar "note" explained. It isn't money, just a promise to reimburse you a dollar, a "note", or promise to pay.

If the issuing of money is a falsehood, the legal system backing up the value, is also a fraud.

* * * *
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[click here] for:

The Greatest Fraud Ever Pulled?

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More information:

Although the video exposes abuse of the public in Connecticut, this is a nationwide problem. What can be gotten away with in Connecticut gives abusers in other states an idea of how far they can go ripping off the public and corrupting the system. It seems the US Constitution does not apply.

Without properly running, ethical courts, there are no checks and balances. Without a venue for citizens to lodge legitimate complaints and to get justice, there is no justice, and citizens are slaves to a Police State.

Links to go with above:

The above video may accuse the Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of obstructing justice and racketeering. Blumenthal calls himself the "People's Lawyer" on his webpage. He is willing to defend the state against lawsuits AND takes complaints of public corruption???!!! Isn't that a conflict of interest? A post on the CT Atty General:

When court workers bilk the public out of money and then pocket the cash, are these thieves arrested and prosecuted? The answer found her:
may surprise you.

A link to the above video was sent to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee legislators by email Dec. 23, 2009, to:;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Will there be any action at the Hartford Capitol in Connecticut?


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