Friday, February 19, 2010

"Satan", the Judge

Chris Kennedy gives overwhelming evidence to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee Feb. 17, 2010. The documents, well over a quarter inch thick given to the committee should compel them not to re-appoint Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan. The majority of the committee members are lawyers working under judges in the Judicial Branch which is ripe with retaliation, favors, and case rigging. These legislators consider the judges with even the worst behavior, friends! So, there is obviously no real representation for our taxation. Legislators who are for the people would not allow abusive judges who are breaking laws to continue to ruin lives, break up families, and put people in jail, not because they are guilty, just because they feel like it.

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The Chris Kennedy and Steven G. Erickson beef with Rockville Connecticut Superior Court Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan [Video, text, information found here]

Would you like to know how Judges in the US helped cause the nationwide banking scandal and worldwide Depression? Well, video and answers here:

This blogger's email:

Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislators:

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Being toasted in kangaroo courts is no joke.

Lego Satan figure [stolen from here]

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Holding Elected Officials Accountable

Did Steven G. Erickson go to the top of Connecticut's "Enemies List", arrest on sight for this?:
[click here] for:

attn FBI and CT State Senator Tony Guglielmo

November 30, 2006

Note: Videos and other information, scroll down

Steven G. Erickson and Chris Kennedy testify against Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan in front of the Judiciary Committee, Feb. 17, 2010:

Except of Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan testifying at the Feb. 17, 2010, reappointment hearing, Hartford, Connecticut

Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan of GA #19 Vernon Rockville, Connecticut, Superior Court

Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan Feb. 17, 2010, Hartford Connecticut, Reappointment Hearing, Legislative Judiciary Committee Room. 44 min 39 sec

Chris Kennedy talks about "Stalker Judge", Jonathan J. Kaplan, Dec. 2007

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Ritt Goldstein helped organize a special hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee at the Hartford Capitol in Connecticut, Dec. 1996. After arranging for international guests to speak in Connecticut on the subject of Civilian Oversight of Police, and the need for it, Ritt was so terrorized by police he fled the US seeking political asylum in Sweden. Imagine making a video like this:
and then be terrorized out of the US, a Police State. If it was that bad in 1996, there is less accountability, and officials, police, prosecutors, and judges have even more power, immunity, less accountability, and some can now legally operate in complete secret.

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Did Connecticut Judge Jonathan Kaplan have former candidate for Massachusetts Governor and Attorney, Barbara C. Johnson disbarred and jailed for being critical of him in a blog?
[answers, videos, and more here]

[click here] for a post on the "Best and Most Viewed on YouTube"


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"Satan", the Judge" sounds very similar to Judge George Roy Greene, Phenix City, Alabama Russell County Judge, These Judges are Criminals. My story is on
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