Friday, February 12, 2010

Covertly inspired bad luck?

I posted this comment to the below video:

My video that I posted on my account here [on] was meant to make people think about the subjects presented. To the poster of this video: America would be a better place if we had more citizens like you. We are becoming slaves to a new Soviet Union style government. Most of our populace are sheep. We're easy pickins for our own CIA War Corporation Bankster government. From Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, onto Obama, America does not have a "President", we have a chief "Drug Lord". If Bobby Sands were an American suffering from our current US regime and did what he did here, almost nobody would even pay attention, hunger strike, or not. As we speak, bloggers and those who speak out in America about our corrupt government are more, and more, often having covertly inspired bad luck.

He responded to [this video]

My original post on this subject from August 2007:

* * * *

Does this resemble a "Free" Country?:

Military uses Sonic Weapon and Tear Gas on Protestors at g20 Pittsburgh

U.S Military and Riot Police use Sonic weapons and tear gas on Protestors at G20 Pittsburgh. This happened today between 2-3 PM EST. (SEPT. 24,2009)

* * * *

Will US authorities see to it Steven G. Erickson is in prison or killed for [this] after next Wednesday?

* * * *

The title of the below video is, "Bomb America," it is not my title, I don't know this individual, and I'm posting the below video to disagree with what was said and offer my own opinion. The below video was found here:

Bomb America

Another bomber, another airplane... another chance to look around and ask yourself.. What the fuck are we doing wrong?

I wonder has this anything to do with selling weapons to the world? eh, I wonder why people would dislike america... hmm.. oh wait, yeah thats its.. its cause you sell weapons to warlords in these countries.. and the warlords are just dickheads..

Oh is that wh More..y they flew those planes into the twin towers and the pentagon.. is that what they meant?

Wake up america

My response to the above is to check out my previous post on this blog. Check out what I wrote on the strength of heroin. If America was lied into wars from Pearl Harbor, before and after, what do you think happened on September 11, 2001? The below video doesn't have much to do with the USS Liberty incident, but has a lot to do with the facts of average Americans being lied into war, over and over.

USA Has A History Of Attacking Themselves To Go To War!


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