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E Cigarette Controversy

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I talked with a friend yesterday about E Cigarettes. I don't smoke. It seems that the US Government and States want people to get cancer, suffer and die, just so they get more revenue in, in taxes! Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal calls himself the people's lawyer. He'll take complaints against the state and he's in charge of defending the state. That is the circle fuck of the US government.

The thinking of most of the US government is not how to help citizens, it about money, if citizens suffer horrifically, get locked up on bullshit excuses, or die prematurely it is all business as usual for the US government. If any citizen in the US has legitimate gripes in court against police or the government the “company lawyer” of the black robed mafia, a judge will rule very early on, Summary Judgment for the Defendants, the butchers in the US government. The E Cigarette controversy is just another point of proof positive of the true motives of a US government out of control.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard "Dick" Blumenthal reportedly had E Cigarettes banned from Connecticut. So is Blumie FOR SMOKING CANCER CAUSING CIGARETTES? Will Blumenthal be the new Democrat US Senator of Connecticut, replacing Christopher Dodd, brought to you by cigarettes and Big American Tobbacco lobbyists? Taxes are collected for standard cigarettes but not for the E Cigarettes.

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Will citizens be vaporizing nicotine instead of smoking? If someone is vaporizing in a restaurant, airplane, in a shopping mall etc are they breaking the law? The US Government and States might be against citizens getting a safer, healthier dose of nicotine in their bids to stop smoking. If a government and officials cared about people shouldn't these officials be for this break through?

Well officials in government are more about revenue collection and grabbing more and more power than in doing anything for the people. If citizens suffer and die horrifically and a politician gets a bribe, lives the high life, and states get huge cigarette tax revenues, F the People!

State Attorneys General such as Richard "Dick" Blumenthal, Connecticut Attorney General can call themselves, The People's Lawyer as does Blumenthal on his official webpage. He will defend the State and officials against citizens who complain. Blumenthal is the official who takes citizen complaints! What a Circle F!!!!

Blumenthal as a Democrat plans to run for the position of Connecticut Governor.

Judges in the US can dismiss cases against officials or the government. Judges are the guardians of the tyranny of abuse in America. Judges are for the corrupt officials who help install them as judges. If Tony Soprano had an official position, it would be a judge. Courts are run like a Godfather movie.

Lodge a legitimate police misconduct complaint or wish to sue the government in the US? Well, a judge can rule, Summary Judgment for the Defendants. This means judges are giving a rubberstamp on citizen abuse. It is impossible to get justice in the US. The rich buy justice with cash, bribes, and favors. Corporations have more citizen rights than do citizens. The US Supreme Court has been bought and paid for by rogue corporations.

Lodge a complaint against a judge or file a judicial misconduct complaint in the US, you can be railroaded to prison. Been there, done that. I tried to have Rockville Vernon Superior Court Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan in the State of Connecticut removed for bad behavior. I was then placed on an Enemies List and arrested on sight. I got a year in prison for resisting being beaten up by a Connecticut State Police Informant. Kaplan as an Administrative Judge let a man who molested and raped a 3 year old child off without prison and without having to be labeled a sex offender. Others who were charged with Assault 3rd and Breach of Peace, weren't even violated on probation in the same court, never mind getting prison for not being able to escape a beating on their own property.

The same justice system which abuses all citizens will railroad citizens in the US to be held as political prisoners. The E Cigarette controversy is just another footnote in business as usual in the US. I plan on attending a public hearing to deny Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan his bid to continue to be a judge in Connecticut this upcoming Wednesday. I got prison last time for being critical of Kaplan. If you don't hear from me again, you'll know I got life in prison or killed complaining about a US Judge.

-Steven G. Erickson

The "Drug War" is BS. The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars were fought not for freedom, but enrich banksters, war corporation profiteers, and so US politicians can get rich on the blood of others.

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Shouldn't Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd be prosecuted? Attorney General Richard Blumenthal gets torn a new asshole by Glenn Beck of Fox News.

Glenn Beck Interviews Richard Blumenthal part 1

Text with video:
Glenn Beck Interviews Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and tries to get him to answer why AIG Executives who legally received bonuses that were approved in the $787 Billion Stimulus Bill now have the Connecticut Attorney General's office targeting them for prosecution. This is part 1 of 2.

Glenn Beck Interviews Richard Blumenthal part 2


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