Thursday, January 28, 2010

From the Unhappy Grammy, Grandparents blog:

The above photo has nothing to do with the below blog. I unabashedly stole it [from here]

The below found here

Open Message to Nashua DCYF

Just a message to Nashua DCYF. I know your moles are on here watching everything I write and you have yourselves to thank. I hope you like my blog, as I speak the truth and you are the people, (I use that term loosely) that have inspired me to fight the corruption and the abuses of a government system gone astray. A government agency accountable to no-one. An agency that cares nothing about children or families.

You call yourselves "Child Protector's?" Do you even know what it mean's to protect a child? Do you have any idea what it's like to lose a child, taken illegally, through lies? Do you know what its like to follow the rules and live by the laws of the land and to really help people, only to be lied about in order to steal a child? A child that would never have been born without the love and caring of a real family? A child that you wouldn't have made big money off of and still are, if she had died? I hope some day you'll look back and realize how you've hurt so many children and innocent families. Hopefully, some day you'll realize money means nothing compared to the life of a child.

So thank you for giving me a mission in life. To fight for the wrongfully accused. Just think, I used to spend my time with my grandchildren, alway's happy and looking out for my family. Now I spend my time fighting the fraud and corruption of DCYF. A fight for all children taken illegally, all for the almighty dollar!

* * * *

I assume the above is a complaint out of New Hampshire. All of the United States can be this abusive and unfair. We have a monarchy of judges who rule as they please, no rhyme or reason.

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