Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Scum of Earth, Clean in Comparison to Lieberman?

Sen. Lieberman & Mass Youtube censorship.

Text with posted video:
Sen. Lieberman is forcing Youtube to suspend and delete accounts. They implementing a law that has not passed the senate s1959. Please down load this video and re-post it for the maximum result!!

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I posted this comment on this OpEdNews.com post:
Connecticut Yankees

I recall reading text from the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow", the worst, most disgusting you could be was to be a "Connecticut Yankee". Although those with the most lineage in Connecticut might be the best liars and thieves, there seems to be really no major difference between the Democrats and Republicans in Connecticut, they seem to both equally want avoid serving the best interest of the public. Lieberman, alone, should be cause for America to build a fence around Connecticut. Yes, containment of these toxic wastes needs to be initiated.

Liberman would like to label anyone holding a Bible, a terrorist. Send emails of concern to an elected official, you're a domestic terrorist. Have an issue with banking and corporate fraud, you're a domestic terrorist. Tell others the truth on youtube, Lieberman wants you censored. If George W. Bush is the worst human alive, that would make Lieberman #2, and Cheney #3.

Just my two cents ...

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[click here] for my beef with Connecticut, maybe a requested 10 mil in compensation, beef


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Free Press Action Fund
Massachusetts: 40 Main St, Suite 301, Florence, MA 01062 - Ph 877.888.1533
Washington: 501 Third Street NW, Suite 875, Washington, DC 20001 - Ph 202.265.1490

Tue Jan 26, 08:52:00 PM 2010  

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