Thursday, February 04, 2010

Buy US "Freedom" Cocaine?

Text with video:
The US Dollar could be backed with heroin and crack cocaine, Lincoln could go on vouchers to go to Black neighborhoods to pay for cocaine and heroin. There is no need to back up America's worthless dollar with gold. If 1/3 of the bankster money coming into the US is from Heroin and Cocaine smuggling using the CIA and corrupt corporations, why shouldn't the dollar be backed with drugs?

If we're printing new money, George W. Bush with his father H. W. could be on the $1000 bill good for much more heroin and cocaine than the $100 dollar Abraham Lincoln voucher.

More information:

I ask US elected officials to hold a special hearing:

Lincoln had his own version of the Patriot Act, he suspended Habeas Corpus had 30,000 (some say 13,000) political activists, journalists, and concerned citizens jailed without charges. Many were quietly executed. Did Stalin and Hitler read up on Lincoln and have a picture of him in their offices? Was Lincoln used for the Hitler and Stalin blueprint for taking over the media and propagating propaganda? Is America basically a country run by rogue drug lords in the CIA? Is the US drug empire going to collapse like the Roman Empire?

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