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International Assholes Inc.

Bruce Gagnon does an excellent job of telling Americans what the real current state of the union is in his address.

Gagnon on the EndlessWarPanel, NewEnglandUnited Antiwar Conference

Text with video:
New England United Antiwar Conference MIT Jan 30, 2010
Panel #1 The Drive Towards Empire and Endless War
Bruce Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

This Issue: David Swanson (author of "Daybreak")

Nov. 2009 interview by Bruce Gagnon. "After Downing Street dot org", we were lied into a war with Iraq. Why are the criminal politicians in the George W. Bush regime prosecuted? Why aren't they in prison?

David Swanson was a critic of George W. Bush and is now a critic of US President Barack Obama calling him a hypocrite for not following through on his promises. Obama is doing the very things he was critical of in his campaign. More of the same? Why is the US still torturing and abusing prisoners? Why isn't anyone being punished for war crimes for what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan?

What are the problems with House Judiciary Committee? Why aren't judges being prosecuted and removed for their illegal behavior in regards to torture and diluting the US Constitution?

The true cost of wars since 2001 is probably 4 times what is shown in the below link when you consider interest on money borrowed, for veterans' health costs, and other costs not yet known.

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Veterans and soldiers have an anti-war website willing to help them.

Under the Hood Cafe

In the spirit of the Oleo Strut, Under The Hood is a place for soldiers to gather, relax and speak freely about the wars and the military. Support services for soldiers include referrals for counseling, legal advice and information on GI rights.

Under The Hood needs your donations and support!

Former Oleo Strut staffer recalls Howard Zinn visit to Killeen.

Despite chilly wind and rain, anti-war protesters huddled outside Fort Hood's East Gate for six hours January 16 calling for increased mental health resources for soldiers and veterans.

Anti-war cafe opens in the shadow of Fort Hood by Jeremy Schwartz. (Austin American-Statesman, 8/15/09) “Off-post, soldiers can let down their guard and open up about the war at Under the Hood cafe.” Read more

Injured Hearts, Injured Minds by Forrest Wilder. (The Texas Observer. 8/7/09) “In March, Army Spc. Michael Kern, 22, returned to Fort Hood after a year and a day in Iraq. Shaken by his experience and disgusted with the war, Kern, a native of Riverside, California, tried to readjust by getting as hammered as possible.” Read more

November 2006 Joint Statement from Under the Hood Café and the Fort Hood Chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

The Tyranny of Oil bookcover

Antonia Juhasz, author of The Tyranny of Oil: the World's Most Powerful Industry—And What We Must Do To Stop It visited and spoke @ Under the Hood, December 12

Warrior Writers held at Under the Hood Cafe on Veteran's Day

Hoodstock: A benefit for Under the Hood was a great success. Special thanks to Castro’s Beard, Will T. Massey, Shootin’ Pains, Gary Graves, Ann Wright and Alan Pogue.

The Summary Court Martial of SPC Victor Agosto. (The Rag Blog. 8/7/09) “In an unscripted emotional moment after the sentence was read, Victor Agosto ripped his rank off his uniform and put it in front of the Captain.” Read more

Watch this! This is Where We Take Our Stand: The IVAW Winter Soldier Project. A new film series by David Zeiger. A new episode will be posted every two weeks throughout the summer.

Cafe gives some Fort Hood soldiers the help they need. (News8Austin. 7/28/09) “Under the Hood Outreach and Cafe is a place where soldiers can speak freely about whatever they want, according to managers of the café.” Read more

Thanks to The Melancholy Ramblers who provided music for a successful benefit show for Under the Hood on Sunday, July 26 @ New World Deli, Austin, TX.

Under the Hood Cafe Documentary by Sarah Garrahan and Lauren Sanders

A Memorial Day March for Peace was held in Killeen. See news coverage.

Contributed by Beth Freed

From Ann

The Under the Hood Cafe offers an oasis for members of the military to gather and talk of issues of importance. I welcome the opportunity to meet fellow military in an atmosphere of peace and justice.

Ann Wright, U.S. Army colonel (retired), official of the U.S. State Department (retired)

From Victor

I lived a miserable existence since I turned against the war in Iraq in 2007. I have frequented Under the Hood Café since its grand opening in March of 2009. The café has become my refuge from a closed-minded and dehumanizing military culture. I have seen it bring joy to every soldier and civilian that has become a regular here. The civilian staff is dedicated to helping soldiers deal with personal and legal issues. I have attained a sense of purpose that I have never had in my life. I am now committed to the success of both Under the Hood and the anti-war movement. I have spent countless hours discussing and thinking about ways to end these wars. The support I have received from my family at Under the Hood has helped me take the liberating leap from obedient soldier to war resister. I cannot remember the last time I was this happy. Under the Hood has changed my life forever.

SPC Victor Agosto, Afghanistan War Resister

From Ronn

During Vietnam, the GI antiwar movement got off the ground when civilians started establishing a string of coffeehouses around military installations.

I'm genuinely excited that Under the Hood has finally opened. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will go a long way toward giving us what we need in order to take care of our brothers and sisters as well as organize a viable movement to help end these destructive, pointless wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you very much.

Ronn Cantu, Former President, Iraq Veterans Against the War Chapter 38 at Fort Hood

Read more news...

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Video: Government killing Americans abroad, okay?


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