Saturday, March 27, 2010

KBR's New America?

CIA Officer- Robert Steele stresses the importance of Blogging

Mr. Steele seems to be the most commonsense, to the point, and no hype or bullshit approach to some pretty important subjects. It is refreshing. This blogger recommends that you take a look. The bottom video annoyed me as the set up of the talk is shown. So maybe the first minute and 45 seconds is a waste. I used the slide to start the below video in that position. I am currently watching number two in the series. Cheney is called a cross-dresser and Obama is called the "House Negro" ... I'm still laughing ... Enjoy!

Spy Improv with Robert Steele (part 1 of 25)

This will get you started on the rest of the series, here is #2 of 25:


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