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Legislation addressing Teen Sexting

(Updated, April 13, 2010, click here), after checking out liveleak video below.

Should teens who send nude and semi-nude pictures to each other be charged with the same laws used to target pedophiles and sex offenders?

Rep. Rebimbas supports "sexting" legislation

Text with video:
Rep. Rosa C. Rebimbas (official webpage) testifies in front of the (Connecticut) Judiciary Committee in favor of proposed "sexting" legislation.

Sexting, defined as transmission and dissemination of nude or semi-nude images via phone or e-mail, has become more prevalent in recent years with the explosion of cell phone cameras and digital cameras.

House Bill 5533, An Act Concerning Sexting creates a lesser category for punishment for minors who are thirteen years of age or older but under eighteen years of age, who may knowingly possess and transmit any visual depiction of child pornography by means of an electronic communication device. State law currently treats possession of such images as child pornography. Possession of child pornography is a felony and those convicted are forced to register as a sexual offender. This bill would make it a class A misdemeanor instead.

Representatives Rosa Rebimbas and Arthur O'Neill on "Sexting" Legislation (Feb. 2010 upload)

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Teen Sexting and US Children 4 Sale (Smoking Gun tidbits offered to international media)

More info:


Part 1 of 4, Alex Jones interviews Georgia Republican State Senator Nancy Schaefer about the official kidnapping of kids by Department of Children and Families CPS, corrupt courts, and police misconduct. Nancy was murdered March 26, 2010. What she exposed, and then was killed for makes the below even more alarming. I recommend you watch the below video:

Parts 2, 3, and 4 of interview:

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There is a bigger issue than teens sending sexually charged text messages to each other. What about domestic spying on citizens? What about police retaliation against citizens who blog and write in newspapers about police misconduct, brutality, and public corruption?

In the State of Connecticut a citizen can end up railroaded to prison and then kicked out of Connecticut upon release for testing the 1st Amendment in Connecticut. State Police allegedly finger fucked a woman I was dating, violating her twice on her way home, pulling her over twice, finding she wasn't where underwear. She was threatened with arrest for dating me, or for lodging a sexual assault charge against police. I never saw her again.

I, Steven G. Erickson, touched on the surface of the conspiracy of a Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan and officials, former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada, and Connecticut State Police Troopers. More information:



I owned houses in Connecticut, had built a business over 2 decades, and was raising a daughter. I had no criminal record. At a time when prison space couldn't be found for rapists of children as young as 3 years old, I was sentenced to a year in prison, and sent to prison for resisting being mugged! Red flags should have been raised with elected officials, high ranking police, and especially a judge. I suffer everyday, worse than most rapists and sex offenders, and I have broken no laws and have no victims. I have a criminal record for life for resisting being beaten up and robbed coming home from work to my own dark driveway.

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