Friday, March 12, 2010

Secret Prisons inside US

Secret prison tanks on U.S. territory

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Barack Obama has vowed this week to overhaul the American immigration system. And with half a million people entering the U.S illegally every year, the number being deported is growing. And there is criticism that officials dealing with the issue often resort to questionable methods, as RT's Cedric Moon reports.
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The War Business - 52min documentary

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September 1997
In the beginning there was Executive Outcomes. It was the first of the modern day corporate mercenary outfits. It was the prototype for the privatization of war fighting, now so common worldwide.

Executive Outcomes was employed to fight wars where there was wealth to be released by controlling the territory. Then it wasn't oil they were fighting for but diamonds. And Britain was behind it all.

'Executive Outcomes' was a private army on hire to governments and multinational companies. We tell the story of ferocious battles in Angola, and Sierra Leone for blood diamonds...of the Executive Outcomes PR machine - at the world's biggest arms fair in Abu Dhabi and in discreet Pretoria houses, back home in South Africa...of the apartheid killers who with great cruelty put down rebel insurgencies at the behest of British military men...of the crisis in Papua New Guinea, where Executive Outcomes mercenaries are kicked out of the country and the government brought down...of men who killed and of those they fought. Includes an extraordinary video diary of Executive Outcomes mercenary forces at war. Was the British establishment ignoring a neo-colonization of the third world by apartheid's killers and British crooks? Or secretly running them?

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Blackwater atrocities (Oct. 2007)

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Excerpts from Jeremy Scahill talk at NCCU, 9/27/07. Visit our website:

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BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Jeremy Scahill | PBS (Oct. 2007)

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Bill Moyers interviews investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill about Blackwater -- in this clip Scahill tells the incredible story of armed Blackwater troops being sent into New Orleans on the order of Blackwater CEO Erik Prince in the aftermath of Katrina.

Bill Moyers Journal, airing Friday, October 19th at 9 on PBS, examines what's behind Prince's recent blitz of television interviews defending his private security firm when officials in Iraq said they wanted the company out of their country in the wake of the shooting deaths of Iraqi civilians on September 16. Scahill is the author of the bestselling book: Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army.

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