Monday, April 12, 2010

The effectiveness of Cutting Satire?

Rev Billy, Collateral Murder, Net Neutrality - New World Next Week

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corbettreport April 08, 2010Welcome to the latest episode of the New World Next Week - the weekly 10min series from & that gives you the text, context & subtext on the stories that matter. This week:

Story#1: Rev Billy Placed 'Holy Hex' on JPMorgan Over WV Mountaintop Removal
West Virginia Worry: 25+ Killed in Massey Coal Mine Explosion
Flashback: NWNW on WV Mountaintop Removal

Story#2: Wikileaks Releases Video of Civilians Killed by US in Baghdad
Decrypted Video from Wikileaks Shows Collateral Murder
Wikileaks, Sunshine Press & 'Collateral Murder'

Story#3: FCC Loses Net Neutrality Battle Against Comcast
Background: Wikipedia on Network Neutrality in the US
Flashback: Ron Paul Softens Stance on Net Neutrality

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This blogger met Rev. Billy and talked to him in Brattleboro Vermont, at this event:

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SvenVonErick October 28, 2008Song written by Don Lang, protesting the nuclear leak at 3 Mile Island Nuclear Plant.

King sang with Cort Dorsey on harmonica. The anti-nuke peace rally occurred on the Town Green, Brattleboro, VT, after the parade 10-25-2008.

Charlotte Dennett, Progressive Candidate for Vermont Attorney General said she would prosecute George W. Bush for murder if she is elected.

More on the parade etc:

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