Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The best, most successful terrorists?

Those who are Jewish and critical of Israeli Government policies can be called, "Anti-Semitic". Jews who are critical of Israeli Government policies might be denied entry into Israel, or even arrested on sight when within any jurisdiction controlled by Israel. This blogger has very high respect for those of Jewish origin who also are critical of some of the more disturbing Israeli Government policies. The US has some of the same disturbing trends in government. We the people should take notice, and figure out how to curb this internationally illegal behavior.

Disclaimer: This blogger posts stuff he finds interesting. There in no agreement, or disagreement, with others work posted, just that it is interesting ...

The Kenny's Sideshow blog author posted this:

Getting By With False Flags and Terrorism

The fifth anniversary of the 7/7 London train bombings shows that control of the investigative and judicial processes along with media compliance equals getting by with murder. The British public just was not serious enough about the 'war on terror' and had to be taught a lesson. 9/11 wasn't good enough, it had to be close to home.
Part 2 ..... Part 3

The use of terrorism in the 20th century to achieve means to an end reached critical mass in Israel with the Irgun and other groups. Once upon a time even the elite insiders in the media reported on this as a matter of fact calling it a model for 'liberation.'


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