Thursday, July 15, 2010

Call Police for Help, Get Tasered, Maced, and Arrested?

I just saw the below story reported on CNN's Rick Sanchez program:

Police Brutality:(RAW) Woman 57 Tasered For Calling Cops For Help

Text with video:
CopsOutofControl | July 14, 2010

Two police officers are off the force and a Georgia woman is threatening to sue after she was attacked and stunned by the officer. Ray smith of the Lumpkin Police Department has resigned and Tim Murphy of the Richland Police Department was fired for using pepper spray when trying to arrest Janice Wells.

Wells says she was worried that a prowler was outside of her home so she called police. A min long video on the officers patrol car shows the officer pulling up to assist another officer. What happened was mostly hidden by the police car but Mrs. Wells could be heard screaming don't do that, don't do that as the stun gun could be heard repeatedly going off. Lumpkin Police Chief Steven Ogle says the video is shocking.

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If you make a police misconduct, or brutality complaint, even if you are legitimately a victim, it might increase police and judicial harassment of you. If police tell you to shut your mouth and tell you that you're kicked out of the state, if you don't you can lose your family, home, job, and end up railroaded to prison. That happened to me in the state of Connecticut.

I then moved to Vermont after being released from prison. Without a record, I received a year for resisting being mugged on my own property. I had been trying to have Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan for bias in civil cases for years. He then sentenced me in retaliation and committed perjury [at this hearing] to remain a Connecticut Judge in the State of Connecticut.

I believe I am blacklisted by the police/judicial workers union and that all future court cases I have may be rigged. Any interaction with law enforcement where my name is run, could go very wrong, just for being on their list. Some on the list face a lifetime of harassment and abuse which can include their entire families. [This] is my latest run around with the police and court systems.

-Steven G. Erickson


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