Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Green Zone" movie review

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The movie isn't bad, but it isn't excellent either. Matt Damon gives a good performance. If you want to understand the Iraq War and the lies of WMDs, Weapons of Mass Destruction, in simple terms, this movie delivers. The real experience is highly sanitized, but there is enough there for those not knowing the real deal, to understand what the Iraq War is really, just lies.

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'US army leave ASAP to stop civilian deaths in Afghanistan'

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RussiaToday | July 10, 2010

In northern Afghanistan, over a thousand people have joined a protest to demand foreign troops get out of the country. The rally in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif was sparked by a NATO raid on a market in which two local security guards were killed. The demonstrators insist the two posed no threat, but the Alliance says they were shot after refusing to put down their weapons. It has added to the growing anger over the number of civilian deaths in the country. Just on Friday, NATO accepted blame for accidentally killing 6 civilians in eastern Afghanistan. RT discusses the issue with Lizette Potgieter, a journalist in Kabul.

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