Friday, July 09, 2010

Convict Sleazebag Connecticut Governor is a Corporate Rock Star

Former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland complained about being broke before going to prison for taking bribes from organized crime. He conspired with others to take away as many children as possible from families. A State gets federal tax dollars to process, take away, and confine children. Organized Crime gets Federal Tax Dollars to build facilities, supply, and run them. So "Kiddie Max", prison for kids was "Bribe Heaven" for Rowland.

Rowland got out of prison, he stayed at a "Federal Country Club" prison for the connected, and spent the minimum time in comfort. His silence allowed him to "collect" when out. Rowland bought a mansion when he got out of prison. Rowland is now a sought after speaker for corporate events. Rowland gets his full Connecticut Governor pension, even though he took bribes, harmed children and families, and maybe broke laws, took bribes, almost daily as Connecticut Governor. Is Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell following in his footsteps? [Rell story]

Fmr. CT Gov John Rowland on Fox News Channel's "Huckabee"

Text with video:
ichabodcranect | December 13, 2008

Former Connecticut Governor John Rowland appeared on Fox News Channel's "Huckabee" on Dec 13th, 2008 to discuss the Blagojevich scandal in Illinois.


This blogger's letter to Governor John G. Rowland for his first day of Federal Prison. Warning: I'm not nice. [text of letter]


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